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Sambaza is a data sharing service that enables both Pre-pay and Post-pay subscribers to share airtime and data with their family and friends. This service was originally available on Safaricom Kenya, but now other mobile networks in Kenya offer similar service. On this website, you can order any data amount between Ksh500 and Ksh25000, which can be distributed between voice, SMS, and Internet. Through this data sharing, many of our customers using Sambaza service are able to connect with their folks in Kenya through various social media. Sambaza is by far the most convenient method of remotely adding or, as popularly known, "topping up" someone's phone.

At Kardspeed, we offer a unique approach that gives you the chance to top up with data, your relatives and friends' phones via our highly sophisticated web interface. After your purchase is completed, we verify the recipient information provided and then airtime is delivered to your recipients phone during working hours in Kenya. This service is available everyday seven days a week depending on network availability.

Before placing an order, please review our Sambaza rates.